Developing Flash Technology

Flash Memory, a solid-state component comprised of non-volatile memory, is a type of electronically erasable programmable, read-only memory (EEPROM) used commonly in portable devices and more recently as an alternative to computer hard drives.  There has been, and continues to be, a sharp rise in demand for flash memory, largely attributable to significant differences when compared against existing volatile memory (RAM), hard drive and other technologies. To read more, please click on the link below: Papers


Embedded User Interface Development

User Interface (UI) capabilities on embedded systems are becoming more capable each day.  With premier examples like the iPhone Operating System and Android Phone, business forces to create rich user interface experiences are significant.  Couple this need with the ability to remotely interact with a device, now readily available through a web browser, and one is faced with significant technical challenges.  LHP engages clients using Microsoft's Silverlight, Adobe's Flash and Flex, and QT’s capabilities of Embedded Linux.  Which is best? The answer is not always straight forward, but here are a few guiding principles.  Silverlight leverages Microsoft's .NET and C# offerings which means that developers will be comfortable using the tool.  However, there are very few graphic artists skilled with the tools.  Flash and Flex will have the greatest number of artists available, but licensing a flash player into the product may challenge the cost model.  Linux/QT will undoubtedly have the most favorable recurring costs, but the development and artist population will be limited.  LHP Software has expertise and experience with partners utilizing all of these user interface tools and our embedded UI experts are working with multiple clients to help them choose the best development environment for each application.


More about Flash Open Screen Project:

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LHP Turns 10 in 2011

2011 is LHP’s 10th anniversary year! We have grown from humble beginnings in 2001 to a vibrant engineering services provider with offices in the US and China and a staff of over 250.  2011 is already bringing further growth and opportunity as we expand operations in key customer markets in the US and internationally. LHP expresses appreciation to customers and partners for 10 successful years. Keep watching for further information on our 10th year celebration!