LHP Telematics Named in Value Chain for M2M Award-winner Manitowoc’s CraneSTAR Telematics

M2M Award

Accepting the M2M Value Chain Awards: Scott Blair, Director of global telematics at Manitowoc, Jason Carabetta VP Business Development at Orbcomm, James Williams Business Development Morey Corporation, Travis Jones Chief Operations Officer LHP Telematics, Peggy Smedley, editorial director of M2M Magazine.


LHP Telematics, one of America’s leading telematics software and applications providers, has been recognized as a value chain member and solutions provider for 2009 M2M Value Chain Awards winner Manitowoc.

CraneSTAR is a built-in fleet management tool for each brand, and will provide worldwide access via a website to a great deal of vital information from the crane 24/7, including localization, working time, security information, maintenance plan, and much more.

Vital data related to the crane’s operating conditions are transmitted to a central database where managers can then monitor that data from any on-line device. CraneSTAR will be deployed on over 100 different models of Manitowoc cranes in factories in the US, Germany, France, Italy, India, and China.

The M2M Value Chain Awards honor the most successful corporate adopters of M2M technology and the team of solution providers that made their success possible. The awards highlight the process of combining multiple technologies such as device-connectivity hardware, radio modules, network service and provision, as well as application software and infrastructure, and show how all of the elements of the M2M value chain created a winning solution for the end customer. Other technology enablers in the Manitowoc value chain award include Morey Corporation and Orbcomm.