July, 2010 Newsletter


White Paper

Design Methodology for Automated Testing in Middleware Software validation is typically driven by requirements which depict the behavior of a given application. Using well defined requirements, a test developer can write software, automating the verification process.  As the complexity of software grows, the breadth of verification increases. Though manual software verification can find anomalies, it can be very time consuming and repetitive.
Suresh Shenoy, Senior SW Engineer at LHP Software LLC, brings awareness to automated testing in his white paper “Design Methodology for Automated Testing in Middleware”.  This paper demonstrates how automated testing, using an objected oriented methodology, can facilitate software verification.

You can download the white paper on this topic here:



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LHP President/Owner Dave Glass “Smart Business” Interview

Good leadership is a difficult skill to find in today's business world.  At LHP, we have been fortunate to have leadership like that shown by Ryan Hou and Dave Glass -- co-founders of LHP -- which helped us manage through tough economic times to become a major player in the embedded software services industry.  Recently, Dave Glass was interviewed by “Smart Business” about how to identify and train the future business leaders of America.

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