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Products Descriptions
Embedded Software Compatible With Multiple Telematics Control Units
Event Engine Configurable Triggers, Timers, Counters, Exception and Periodic Reports
CAN 2.0 Compliant Reduce Service Costs: Diagnostics, Preventative Maintenance
System Engineering Systems Integration: Technical Support, Testing, Telematics Consulting
Over The Air OTAP Allows Remote Reprogramming of the Telematics Control Unit
Programming Custom End User Applications, Custom Integration Into Enterprise
Software Services Applications


LHP Telematics Embedded App Structure

LHP Solution Structure Communication Manager, Report Manager, Timer/Countr, Dynaamic Data Elements, Event Engine, Trigger Sets, Data Manager, Configuration Manager, Data Source Modules, GPPS, GSM, SAT, IO, CAN


The LHP Telematics Event Engine is a software solution that allows OEM’s to quickly and easily add remote monitoring capabilities to their products. The event triggers are designed to minimize messaging by only sending data on exception or periodically which minimizes wireless data expense.

Add intelligence to your embedded products: The software is the most advanced and configurable application on the market with multiple event triggers. The massive amount of configurable options allows your organization to monitor data in a variety of different ways. The configurable triggers include timers, counters, exception and periodic reports.

Any connection any network: The Event Engine is network agnostic. It can utilize any connection, wired, or wireless network.

Monitor any embedded device: LHP Telematics designed the Event Engine from the ground up to be easily ported to a variety of different hardware and operating system platforms. The Event Engine gives an OEM a stable and tested platform to build their remote monitoring solutions.