Custom OEM Telematics

LHP Telematics Monitoring Platform


The LHP telematics Monitoring Platform was built ground up with the needs of OEMs in mind. Every aspect of the system can be customized, allowing OEMs to get data they need when they need it in a user-friendly format. The LHP Telematics focus on OEM needs has driven the evolution of our business model.

  • The LHP Telematics platform is hardware-adaptable. We are continuously adding supported telematics devices and giving customers a wide variety of hardware options to best meet their needs
  • The LHP Telematics platform is hardware-adaptable. We offer customers both U.S. and global cellular or satellite plans, and we are flexible enough to use our customer's preferred plans.
  • The LHPT platform is back-end agnostic. We have the engineers on staff that can build a completely custom back-end that is owned by the OEM.
  • The Data Broker middleware gives our OEM customers the flexibility to choose numerous other M2M portal vendors that are currently on the market.
  • We also work with customers who prefer their own custom-built web portals.