Mixed Fleet Solutions


The LHP Telematics Mixed Fleet Data Broker is a set of middleware services that handle all communication with units in the field. The service is protocol adaptable, which allows us to support not only the LHPT binary protocol used in our embedded application, but also the large variety of protocols that the various hardware manufacturers have created or support. The goal of the Data Broker is to:

  • Remove the complexity of the various away from the end consumer of the data
  • Normalize the data so that no matter which type of unit sent the data, it looks the same.
  • Translate commands to the variety of devices that are supported
    • An API "Set Geofence X" tool can be used to send the geofence down to all device types that support geofences, even if the protocol for each type is different.
  • Allow the appropriate data to be sent or pushed into other systems.
    • Send data into M2M Portal Partners
    • Send data into OEM business systems
    • Send data to any third party provider of services
  • Process data from other OEM telematics systems and normalize it into the common Data Broker format
    • John Deere
    • Caterpillar
    • Many more currently in development

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