FVNC Services

LHP Software is a qualified Independent Testing and Verification (ITV) provider for the Ford Vehicle Network Certification (FVNC) program. LHP performs Network Communication (Netcom) Electronic Control Unit (ECU) level testing for Ford’s Tier 1 module suppliers.

  •  CAN Multiplex (MUX) ECU Level Testing
  •  General Diagnostic Specification (GDS) / Generic Global Diagnostic Specification (GGDS) Compliance Testing
  •   Design Verification Plan (DVP) Review and Results Audit
As a qualified ITV provider, LHP Software has demonstrated the following capabilities:
  •  Understanding of Ford Netcom’s Diagnostic and Multiplex Requirements
  •  Understanding of Unified Diagnostic Services (ISO 14229)
  •   Understanding of the Ford Network Operating System (FNOS) and Vector CANtechtools
  •   Execution of Ford Netcom's test procedures and test scripts and creation of test reports
  •   Accurate analysis of test results and pass criteria for FVNC certification
The Ford Vehicle Network Compliance (FVNC) Independent Testing and Verification (IT&V) program requires extensive knowledge into the Ford Network Operating System (FNOS) ECU’s requirements, and testing procedures. LHP Software Solutions division has been recognized as an IT&V provider and is qualified to provide validation engineering support. 

The IT&V Program focuses on testing FNOS, ECUs in three areas, MUX Hardware, MUX Software, and Part 1 Diagnostics. 

  • MUX Hardware testing consists of verifying that the ECU will continue to transmit messages over a range of input voltages, as well as making sure the CAN bus will continue to transmit if a short appears and the issue is resolved.  
  • MUX Software testing consists of verifying that the ECU responds with pertinent information from a basic set of CAN messages.  
  • The Part 1 Diagnostic testing confirms that the FNOS ECU conforms to the Unified Diagnostic Services (UDS) Specification by performing tested that a message sent to the ECU is valid and other cases when the message is invalid.   

We also provide Part 2 Test Review and Audit capabilities which focus on the ECU Specific functionality. This part of the program verifies that the ECU Supplier has performed adequate testing to ensure the ECU performs correctly. A validation engineer verifies that the testing was performed as documented and that the expected results line up with the results seen.